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List of Services

Chemical Skin Peeling - starting at $99
          Lactic Acid
          Salicylic Acid
          TCA Acid
          Glycolic Acid
          Kojic Acid  
*All peels come in different strengths and percentages based the depth of the peel.

Masks & Facials - starting at $50
         24kt Gold Mask & Facial
         Botox Like Mask & Facial
         Collagen Mask & Facial
         Vitamin C Boosting Mask & Facial
         Tea tree oil Acne Mask & Facial
         Ultra Lightening Mask & Facial
         Cryo-peel Mask & Facial
         Injection-Like Mask & Facial
          Areas to be Treated by Masks & Chemical Peels
          Upper Back & Shoulder
          Legs - half or full
          Arms - half or full

LED Light Therapy- starting at $150

Botox Therapy - $15/unit

Sinus Therapy- starting at $85
Instant sinus pressure relief using steam, aromatherapy, and pressure points to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

LIPO LIGHT Body Contouring - starting at $300
*Packages offered at a discounted rate 

Lymphatic Drainage Vibration Technology - starting at $25 a session
*Packages offered

Medically Supervised Weight Loss - starting at $250 per plan including visits with doctor
          HCG Diet Plan
          Herbal Weight Loss Plan
          Garcinia Cambogia System
          Green Coffee Bean Plan
          Immunity Plan
          Colon Cleans
          Candida Cleans
*All weight loss plans include weekly visits with the physician to monitor progress and health

Integrative Medicine Consult/ Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - starting at $150

Vein Sclerotherapy - starting at $250 a session  

Travel Medicine Clinic - insurance accepted, call office to specify

Call/text office for an appointment 862-220-0852  or email [email protected]